XCrossfire Ecoin and GP hack 2013

Download Updated Version : http://adf.ly/KTd2F
Download CFRMN http://adf.ly/JFh8p

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1st: Download the zip file (link in description)
2nd: Open Crossfire Folder
3rd: Extract files in crossfire Folder
4th: change Crossfire Shortcut target to 
( "C:\Program Files (x86)\GameClub\CrossFire\CFlauncherx.exe" )
( "C:\Program Files\GameClub\Crossfire PH\CFLauncherx.exe" )
↑ in Updated Crossfire

in description

After that download the second file and start it
and tick
• Bypass X-trap
• Run Generator
• Activate OnehitCF

and click the Button

start crossfire 

wait crossfire to load click "JOIN"
DON'T click any server 
do the hack before doing it
or you will be disconnected

How to use hack

1st: Click Start Generator Button
2nd: Click Start And wait for it to finish

•1000 ecoin per hour
•No recoil
•One Hit


Crossfire Cheat January 13 ,2013

Download Here:

• Open the exe file
• Wait for 60 seconds (1min.)
• Run Crossfire
• Enjoy.....

Insert :ON/OFF menu

F5 exit Game

-One hit Zombie mod/ Z.A mod / Hero mod
-No Recoil
-Speed Knife
-Knife range
-Add Damage weapon
-Fly (Shift) / No Fall damage
-Shoot Thought Wall 
-Wall Hack / See Ghost
-No Reload
-Delay Change
-Draw Bone
-Add Damage Weapon
-Change Knife
-Auto Headshot
-Speed Hack (Shift)
-No Knock Back
-No Grenade Damage